Become a Mystery Shopper

Are you a quality-driven individual? If you can record facts, pay attention to detail, and write a quality chronological narrative of your experience, then you’re an ideal mystery shopper.

Why join the SPG Shopper Network?

Here are the top 7 reasons:

  1. You get paid well for your time
  2. We value diversity and treat all our shoppers equally
  3. We have ongoing projects and try to keep our shoppers engaged
  4. You love providing feedback from your experiences with honesty
  5. You enjoy mystery shopping autonomy
  6. You have strong written and observational skills
  7. You enjoy assisting in service improvement

*Be aware that scammers, using the good names of many different mystery shopping companies, will try to trick you into accepting fake assignments by mailing or emailing materials, sometimes including large checks. Scammers will typically ask you to complete a fake mystery shop that includes sending large amounts of your money back to them via bank transfer or gift card. Don’t fall for it. ALWAYS check with the named mystery shop company first to confirm if it is a scam.

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