CALEA Certification Component

CALEA Certification Survey Assistance

IS YOUR AGENCY seeking CALEA Certification or re-Certification? A component for Certification or re-Certification requires a means for developing or improving upon your agency’s communication with the community you serve and protect. Service Performance Group can assist. By engaging Service Performance Group to deploy an online survey that can be taken from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop/desktop computer, we will deliver quantified data with qualified narrative. Your agency need only provide us the questions to be asked on the survey and announce the survey to your community. We do the rest. The benefit? Cost effective data that establishes a firm communication link between your community and police force allowing for decisions to be made and actions taken with confidence, based on delivered data.  This objective third party data will assist in satisfying CALEA requirements for developing or improving upon an agency’s relationship with their community.

Service Performance Group will create your online survey using your questions and provide a URL link and QR Code from which citizens will complete their survey. The survey can be announced through your PD website, Chamber of Commerce, and Village Hall to name just three locations.  At the end of each month for the duration of the program, you will receive electronic copies of all individual surveys and a monthly summary update showing aggregate results. At the end of the time frame within which surveys are taken you will receive a ​comprehensive Summary Report providing quantified data. All results are proprietary to each community agency with whom we work.  

If you are interested to measure and gauge the pulse of your community regarding their support and perceptions of your Department, please email