Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Service Performance Group will deliver your telephone mystery shops either as online retrievable mystery shops or online retrievable voice recorded mystery shops.

First impressions are lasting. An associate who handles a telephone call from a prospective customer and delivers an upbeat and positive response to any and all questions asked of them virtually guarantees the prospective customer will visit the store, or buy online.

On a monthly basis (or based on how often you choose), you will receive no-cost detailed drill-down Summary Reports providing accurate data allowing senior management to see the larger chain wide picture through to each individual location allowing for decisions to be made and action taken with confidence.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

Telephone mystery shops can be used to evaluate as many or few criterion you choose



  • Was the telephone answered in three rings or less?
  • Was the greeting recorded or live?
  • Was the greeting polite and include company name and name of associate?
  • Was the customer placed on hold and if so for how long?
  • Was the associate interested in assisting?
  • Was the associate understandable?
  • Did the associate speak too quickly?
  • Could the associate answer the questions asked?
  • Was the call transferred?
  • Did the call end with a positive close from the associate?

These are just several components of what can be built into your telephone mystery shop program.

Online Retrievable Voice Recorded Telephone Mystery Shopping

The best way to fully appreciate the telephone interaction between your associate and the customer is by recording the call – a state of the art service offered by Service Performance Group. A recorded telephone mystery shop provides an exceptional training opportunity by allowing the associate to hear how they sounded when speaking with the shopper. Included with the voice recorded call is the online survey completed by the telephone mystery shopper. With this survey you will have the ability to rank and trend results over time.

Recording laws differ by state. Some states are one party consent states while others are two party consent states. In two party states employees must be informed that they will be subject to recorded telephone calls as part of the company’s ongoing training and quality assurance process. Service Performance Group will provide it’s clients with this information.

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