Mystery Shoppers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is mystery shopping?
  2. How do I get mystery shops?
  3. What happens after I receive a mystery shop?
  4. How and when do I get paid?
  5. How much do mystery shops pay?
  6. Are Shoppers considered Employees?
  7. How do you “rate” your shoppers?
  8. How can I get more mystery shops?
  9. Do I need any specific equipment to start?

What is mystery shopping?

Businesses retain Service Performance Group to observe, gather and analyze objectively written and scored reports about their operations. To gather this information, we retain an independent contractor database of mystery shoppers (you) to visit our clients’ locations, posing as potential customers.

Shops differ from client to client. This might mean that you are presenting yourself as a prospective new bank customer or perhaps someone who is previewing senior living arrangements for an elderly parent. Your job is to rate criteria such as customer service, sales ability, friendliness, cleanliness of the location, and more. This information is used by our clients to improve sales and customer retention through improved customer satisfaction.

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How do I get mystery shops?

First, complete SPG’s “Shopper Profile.” When a shopper is needed in your area, we will e-mail the shop details to all the shoppers who fit the profile of our client’s customers. (Be sure to set your email system to allow e-mails from us… and check your Junk and Spam folder!). We then review the profiles of shoppers interested and select the best shopper who responds to the e-mail.

In general, shops are offered to experienced shoppers first, but as we require new faces all the time, ‘newer’ shoppers will eventually be chosen. In some mystery shops, we can never send the same shopper again, so we are always on the look-out for quality shoppers to join our database.

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What happens after I receive a mystery shop?

Our SASSIE system will automatically e-mail you when you have been accepted for a mystery shop. The link you receive will bring you to your shopper log where you will see the shop information.

In most cases, you will be given several days or even a week or more to complete your mystery shop. You can schedule this shop for a day and time that works for you. After you complete the shop, you will log back onto our Web site to input the information. Our SASSIE web-based system is intuitive and user friendly, however, we are always here to assist.

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How and when do I get paid?

Shoppers can elect to be paid via PayPal (preferred) or by check. Most shops will be paid between 25 to 35 days, or sooner.Back to top

How much do mystery shops pay?

There is no “average shop payment” as the difficulty of format, duration of the shop, and projected time required to report on the experience greatly vary. Retail, bank, fast food or grocery store assignment may pay between $15.00 and $25.00 to complete. Restaurant and entertainment shops may have a very small fee or no fee at all, but offer a generous reimbursement of $50.00 to $150.00 to complete the assignment. Shops requiring special skills (Brokerage and Financial Planning shops) and significant amounts of time (hotel shops) are generally reimbursed in the $50-$150.00 range.

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Are Shoppers considered Employees?

No!  Shoppers are Independent Contractors only and will sign an IC agreement. You will not receive a W2 year end statement. For any shopper who earns $600.00 or more in fee income from Service Performance Group you will receive a Form 1099 during January of the new year.  If you become unemployed do not claim Service Performance Group as your employer.  You are an Independent Contractor with autonomy to accept or decline a mystery shop offered by Service Performance Group.  You are free to work for any other company you choose, anytime. You are NOT an employee of Service Performance Group.

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How do you “rate” your shoppers?

Shoppers are evaluated on each and every mystery shop they do. We put a premium on shoppers who can be relied on to FULLY follow the shop guidelines and submit their work in a timely manner.  Great shoppers are not necessarily nit-pickers, but rather those individuals who have great observation and writing skills.

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How can I get more mystery shops?

You can greatly improve your odds of being selected for new mystery shops simply by doing a great job in all shops. We also encourage those shoppers interested in doing so, to take the Silver and or Gold certification programs offered through the MSPA. And, while we do not share information on our shoppers with other shopper companies, we do encourage mystery shoppers to work for other MSPA companies. Shoppers who work for multiple companies will guarantee themselves more shops, and become more proficient in their shopper observational and writing skills.

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Do I need any specific equipment to start?

You will need to have access to a computer or tablet and the Internet. If other specific equipment is necessary for a shop, this will be noted in the shop posting.

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