Beware of Scams

Scammers operating within the US and Canada have from time to time used the Mystery Shopper Providers Association name, and the names of legitimate mystery shopping companies to dupe consumers into sending them money.  DON’T FALL FOR IT.

Using the name of a legitimate mystery shop company, the scammers will send a mailed package containing completely bogus materials typically including: a check, an email address, a telephone number with contact name, and assignment materials (usually with typo’s or poor grammar) to dupe you into sending them money under the pretense of conducting a mystery shop, with part of the assignment requiring a wire transfer of funds. Mystery shop companies no longer mail formats or instructions – all work is now completed online both outbound from the company and inbound from the mystery shopper.

  • NEVER deposit a check and send this money to someone before first letting the check clear your account; a process that can take 4 or more business days.
  • ALWAYS look at the email URL address in the bogus materials.  They are never the real URL email address of a legitimate company.  Scammers will use a hard to trace Hotmail, GMail or other generic email address.
  • GO ONLINE to the company’s website who the scammers are claiming to be, to confirm that the phone number in the (bogus) materials sent to you cannot be found on the company’s website. Do not trust the phone number or email address provided in the bogus materials that have been sent to you because it is part of the scam.
  • For Additional Information go to the Federal Trade Commission article by copy/pasting this link into your browser:
  • Be aware of existing scams by going to: