Become a Mystery Shopper

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New Shoppers: What it takes to be an excellent Mystery Shopper

Anonymity: A great mystery shopper is always anonymous.  As a mystery shopper you will not take any forms into the store or take notes when they are visible during the shopping trip – thus you must have superior observation and memory retention skills.

Accuracy: Reports provided by a mystery shopper must accurately reflect the shopping experience. Providing the names of the employees you interact with is an important part of the job. If needed the shopper must be able to recall a specific interaction with an employee and provide information regarding the experience. The mystery shopper is required to double-check all reports prior to submitting, ensuring they contain factual information.

Availability: Once you submit your report it is reviewed for accuracy and content before being sent to our client(s). If there are questions pertaining to your submitted report they must be responded to.

Scheduling: We schedule our mystery shops Monday through Friday.  All shoppers will be provided a flexible period of time within which it will be their responsibility to complete their assignment.

Objectivity: To ensure every employee who is mystery shopped at a client company is evaluated equally, objectively and fairly there are general guidelines by which you report on their performance.

Conflict of Interest: You cannot accept a mystery shopping assignment where you or a family member, are currently working, or have previously worked. Having worked there or maintaining some other type of affinity means you may not be as objective as you need to be.

Proprietary Data: Under no circumstance at any time are you or anyone who accompanies you allowed to post information or opinion gathered from your mystery shop on any forum or social media site. Doing so will void the mystery shop resulting in no fee payment or cost reimbursement.

Fee: We pay an established fee usually within 30 – 35 days of the mystery shop occurring.