Manufacturing Mystery Shopping

As a manufacturer, you depend on your retail partnerships to display your products properly, and train store associates to discuss your product to potential customers. And retailers normally do a great job at it because it is also in their best interest that your product sells.

Retailers, however, have many brands to offer. Associate brand training may fall on deaf ears or become a victim of employee turnover. The result is your product does not receive the promotion it should. Possibly at the expense of a manufacturing competitor your product is left sitting on the shelf while brand X continues to sell. Or maybe your holiday end cap that was supposed to be up and running by a specific date has not been set up or set up properly, or your secured retail space ends up displaying a competitor’s products. The worst part about these situations is you may never even know about them, or if you do, the lost sales will not be recovered.

Service Performance Group Can Help

Deploying our field force of mystery shoppers into as many or few stores as you choose, we will engage associates to discuss your product and report back to you on how much they know about it, and how they speak to your product versus your competitions product. With this data you will be able to understand what the issues are within the specific retail chain being evaluated and actions necessary to correct the deficiencies. Additionally, we will assess and report upon product placement, displays and promotional literature to ensure they are deployed to your specification.

On a monthly basis (or based on how often you choose), you will receive no-cost detailed drill-down Summary Reports providing accurate data allowing senior management to see the larger chain wide picture through to each individual location allowing for decisions to be made and action taken with confidence.